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About Us

Capital Solutions was established in year 2004, with the objective of offering value services to individual and small enterprises, to help them Grow in the fast changing Economic Scenario.

In the last 11 years, the company has grown from an individual to a team of 10 people. The Company is driven by well defined processes and Technology to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Capital Solutions is not just into selling of Financial products but works to achieve optimized value proposition by working out effective mix of quality products for its customers by filling in the gaps in their existing investment portfolio and charting out long and short term growth plans. Our ability to look at Financial investment business as a service rather than a sales business is the key to our success.

We are a fast evolving, professionally managed, quality conscious and customer focused premier Financial Investments and Financial Accounting provider. We assist to develop an independent and personalized road map for a financially secured future for our clients and enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

We pride ourselves in delivering comprehensive research based and independent investment solutions through a vide range of our Financial Products across various industries in the best interest of our clients. Central to our proposition is our pro active management of client assets and strengths.

Our clients are successful people who appreciate the value of Quality. Each has individual needs; however, with busy professional and personal lives most do not have the time necessary to devote and/or understand the complex laws, rules and regulations and solutions, ideally suited to supplement respective financial plan.

Our expertise lies in:
1. Providing our clients with a comprehensive familiarity about investment planning and tax planning.
2. Assisting our investors in developing a cash flow plan that leads them towards a financially secure future.
3. Sharing our rich experience and knowledge to help our clients in their respective domains.
4. Offering Financial products for a comprehensive investment and growth strategy for managing your growth through judicious business & asset acquisition.
5. Helping our patrons to keep abreast with fast evolving markets, new investment avenues.

We firmly believe that ‘No one plans to fail; they just fail to plan!’